About Us

Paramount Chikan is a well established name in the field of of Lucknow Chikan Garments manufacturing, based in the historical city  of Nawab’s of Oudh (Avadh)– tasteful & rich in cultural heritage. Lucknow is the ancient city and capital of Uttar Pradesh, comparable to France & Persia in language Poetry & Romance.  Added to this is the traditional hand embroidery known as “CHIKAN”, now handed down to tasteful connoisseur of garment. Paramount Chikan has been in service since its establishment in 1992. Paramount Chikan was founded by Mr. Sharafat Husain.

We specialize in the most elegant form of Chikankari.Our goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs.We take pride in manufacturing products, as the quality of each product is 100% guaranteed and tested. The embroidery is mostly done by hand thereby giving in the most authentic look.Our factory is well equipped with latest Cutting, Stitching and finishing machines to give you the best quality and on time production.We have well-organized, efficient and trained team with an of experience of more than 42 years. We have 50 years of rich experience.

We are a brand that offers high-quality clothing with intricate chikankari embroidery. We bring together traditional artistry and modern fashion sensibilities to create beautiful, unique pieces that are perfect for any occasion.