Six Styling Tips Adding Beauty To Your Chikankari Kurta

chikan kurti for women

Are you looking for a way to add style and sophistication to your outfit? Do you find dressing up in the same way tiring? If you want to add beauty and a different type of aesthetics to your outfit, this chikan kurti for women might be an excellent choice.

Chikankari is considered a tremendous ethnic wear because of the lightness and delicacy of the fabric. Chikankari is an effortless fabric that requires no extra attention and just the right pair of bottoms and accessories for a complete look. There are many ways to style a chikankari kurti other than adding bottoms and accessories to your outfit.

Chikankari is a gracious fabric that one can add to one's wardrobe. It is a must-have choice for every occasion and daily office wear. This blog explores the different ways to style a chikankari kurti to add an aesthetic appeal to your complete look.

Here are the six different ways to style your chikankari kurta -

1. Match Your Kurti With Palazzos:

Everyone loves palazzos; nothing is better than adding a beautiful pair to your outfit. They are wide-legged bottoms that are comfortable and a great way to add a flattering look to your personality. You can choose a palazzo with prints complementing your kurta in matching shades and designs, or go for a solid shade of the palazzo for a balanced outfit look. The combination works well in both ways - for an outing with friends or an occasion with family.

2. A Pair of Baggy Denims For You:

Aren't we all crazy about good baggy jeans? Don't they make you feel comfortable? Baggy denim makes you feel easy and comfortable during a long day at work or attending a wedding function, all covered with heavy jewellery pieces. The baggy jeans paired with your Lucknowi chikankari kurti are perfect for slaying your personality. Add a light shade of the denim to contrast with your kurta. Choose the shade of denim according to the colour of your kurta. The combination adds fun to your outfit for a casual day with friends and family.

3. Go With a Pair of Skinny Jeans:

This skinny pair of jeans is a great way to express yourself if you want to bring out a sophisticated look in your chikankari kurta. If you are someone who likes a more modern look with their ethnic outfits, then adding skinny jeans to your chikankari kurta would create a smooth look. If you want to pair your chikankari kurti for women with skinny jeans, then choose a dark colour. Dark colours are a great way to aesthetically please and add a creative look to your personality. The combination adds a perfect tone for all formal occasions.

4. Add Vibrancy With a Dupatta:

Any ethnic wear outfit is incomplete without a dupatta. A dupatta adds elegance and grace to your outfit, making it the right choice for any festivity or occasion. Add a dupatta according to the shade of your kurti, or you can opt for a colourful dupatta to your white chikankari kurti. You can choose a dupatta with heavy embellishment and prints complementing and adding vibrancy to your outfit, giving you a complete look for the day. The better choice would be to find a dupatta that perfectly complements your kurta's shade and embroidery work.

5. Adding White Trousers:

To create a simple yet elegant look for your chikankari kurta, adding a pair of white trousers to your chikankari kurta would be the perfect choice. A pair of white trousers for your chikankari kurta is a match if you want a clean look in your outfit. You can choose a straight-cut or wide-legged trouser, depending on your preference and personality. The combination of white trousers and a chikankari kurta is an excellent match for a formal occasion.

6. Statement Trousers For Your Kurta:

Statement trousers are the new trend followed around in the market of ethnic wear fashion. A statement trouser is the right option to add colour or texture to your chikankari kurta set. Opting for a pair of printed, sequined trousers or embroidered trousers is a fit for chikankari ethnic wear. The outfit is a choice for those more into ethnic wear with added perfection to their clothes.


Adding beauty to your chikankari kurta is all about choosing the right accessories and styling them to complement the intricate embroidery. Following the six styling tips, you can take your chikankari kurta and create a stunning and fashionable look for any occasion. Paramount Chikan offers a variety of chikan kurti for women in different shades, textures, patterns, and designs for you to choose from. And with these styling tips, you can create a perfect look for a wedding function or as your daily wear outfit. With these tips, you can confidently step out in your chikankari kurta and turn heads wherever you go.

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