Pick the Best Chikan Kurtas to Amp Up Your Holi Look

chikankari kurti for women

Holi, one of India's most vibrant and dynamic festivals, is a celebration that brings a burst of colours, joy, and unity. It's a time when people come together, forgetting all disparities, playing with colours, sharing love, and, of course, flaunting their stylish outfits. This is when it becomes an opportunity to dress up, celebrate regardless of the background, and show off your favourite kurtis and dresses. Under the umbrella of all these colourful displays and happy moments, Chikan kurtis come out as a buzzing outfit for Holi. Admired for their beautiful embroidery and the light and breathable material, chikankari kurti for women represent an example of a combination of tradition, comfort and style. This makes them the ideal choice for the celebration of the Holi festival.

Every woman who wants to make her special Holi look graceful and elegant can go with the special range of Paramount Chikan kurtis, dresses, and tunics. Every piece of this range conveys the extraordinary hand-embroidered Chikankari craft of Lucknow, thus showing not only the splendid dress but also the significance that completes the festive experience. So, let’s dive in and select your ideal Chikankari kurta and dresses from this exclusive collection.

Dive into Holi Colors with Paramount Chikan's Kurtas

White Halter Neck Flared A-Line Dress

When dressing up for Holi, you want something sophisticated yet relaxed that allows you to participate in all the festivities. Striking a balance between traditional chikankari embroidery and the modern halter neckline, the halter neck Chikankari cotton flared A-Line dress is a true reflection of chic and stylish emerging trends. The A-line silhouette not only flatters all body types but also makes you look your best during this Holi celebration.

White V-neck Kurti

This simple white chikankari kurta speaks aestheticism of a deep sense of style. For Holi, the chikankari kurti is best suited. The White Chikankari hand-embroidered kurti, impeccably made with a V-neck and three-quarter sleeves, will bring you the classical delicacy and poetic charm that never go out of style. The Lucknowi chikankari kurti and its chikankari embroidery are aesthetically breathtaking as they carry an intricate craftsy allure that makes this attire a true pleasure to put on, be it a Holi gathering or a spring or summer party.

White V-Neck Tunic

Getting dressed up for Holi can be a whirlwind of colour and fun, but nothing says elegant and ready-for-fun like a white Chikankari hand-embroidered tunic. Unlike the regular V-neck and full sleeves, this tunic has a hooded pattern that will not only bring out your personality but also act as a great outfit for your wardrobe. The delicate Chikankari threads elegantly concealed in the pure white cloth represent the understated skills that were exhibited in making this masterpiece.

White Halter-Neck Maxi Dress

Holi is more than just throwing colours it's a chance to show off your glamour, and what better way than with a white chikankari hand-embroidered cotton long dress with a halter neck? This dress will satisfy those who like to keep their Holi look stylish and relaxed. It is a combination of the old beauty of craftsmanship and the newness of fashion trends. This halter neckline top is both sexy and stylish, while the flowing cotton fabric is breathable and allows you to move around without feeling constrained.

White Collared-Neck Tunic

The element of beauty during the festival of Holi with a white chikankari hand-embroidered tunic is deeply rooted and looks contemporary. The delicate embroidery, traditional yet with a modern touch, is responsible for lending an expensive look to your Holi outfits. The combination of a collared neck with ¾ sleeves, masculine yet elegant, exactly like their changing nature, is the ultimate fit for the festival’s spirit.

White Keyhole-Neck Top

At times, you might be surprised when something could make you look great in just a simple yet a bit complex outfit. This is the case, particularly for a white Chikankari cotton embroidered sleeveless top. The sleeveless feature is ideal for the hot weather of the Holi festival and will keep you well-ventilated while you enjoy the celebrations. It is the keyhole neck that adds a discreet tinge of glamour to this outfit without jeopardising the modesty. Subsequently, opting for a white Chikankari kurta or top for Holi is no longer an act of merely following tradition but rather a complete blend of comfort, elegance, and vibrancy.

White V-Neck A-Line Dress

There is no other way to celebrate Holi in style than wearing a pristine, white A-line Chikankari sleeveless dress, but it has to be paired with a sophisticated V-neck cut. This dress honestly speaks for itself as it's a wonderful mix of age-old traditions and modern fashion, which makes it ultimate for women who always prefer light, breezy and absolutely stunning looks. The rich floral embroidery of Chikankari adds a regal vibe to the garment which makes it more than just a dress but rather a piece of art that you can wear this Holi.

White Collared-Neck Dress

The everlasting beauty of an off-white Chikankari dress is reinvented with flair by a collared-neck design and three-quarter sleeves. This style is great for those who either love a little more coverage or are looking for a dress that combines the traditional aesthetics of India but in a formal, elegant way. The collar neck not only gives this dress a structured look but is also versatile, allowing you to wear it as a casual outfit either for a Holi party or a semi-formal gathering.

White Round-Neck Tunic

A white embroidered cotton tunic will never fail to bring in timeless elegance and a hint of simplicity that will define its appearance and make it ideal for Holi celebrations. The loose round neck and short sleeves add up to a one-of-its-kind sideline of comfort and fashion you will easily fall for. This tunic is embroidered with intricate chikan work, making it evenly more classical by giving it a traditional touch for the festival of colours, which is Holi.

White Mandarin Collar Kurti

A graceful kurti perfectly adorned with White Chikan embroidery is the perfect choice for Holi with anything you wear. The mandarin collar offers an elegant touch, and the sleeves, being cut at three-quarters, ensure an equilibrium between tradition and a touch of modernity. The white base is ideal, which makes the fine beauty of Chikankari embroidery exquisite and the best piece of all.


Holi brings in its colours and excitement, and adding a Chikan kurta to your Holi festive wardrobe will give you a double bonus of stylish looks. These beautiful, comfy dresses are not only fashionable but also capture the best of the festival with their delicate but traditional patterns and bright colours. Nothing can be more appreciated during Holi than a Chikankari kurti for women, which will make you look exceptionally classy, regardless of whether you are playing with colours or attending a party.

Also, add Lucknowi Chikankari kurtis to your Holi wear so it becomes a symbol of classic and eternal fashion. They harmoniously combine custom-made traditional and modern styles, which makes you distinctive in the middle of the vibrant mess. And the best part? These kurtis can be extended for other functions as well, and thus, they can be a part of your wardrobe for a long time.

Therefore, as we wait for the festival of colours, make sure to wear a gorgeous Chikan dress, tunic, or kurta from Paramount Chikan’s special Holi collection. Paramount Chikan has something to make your celebration doubly stylish and fun. Play with accessories, mix and match with your favourite pieces, and create a look that's uniquely yours this Holi.

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