Embroideries that last a lifetime

Embroideries that last a lifetime

Embroidery for Connoisseurs

This handcrafted Chikankari apparel is alluringly weaved with Chikan stitches 'Bakhiya' 'Keel Kangan' and 'Ghas Patti' and detailed with white cotton colour thread. As this white colour thread comes off the spool and random variegation it Gives elegance and a fascinating look. white cotton is been dyed with a different colour and delightfully weaved with a needle to form the Chikankari stitches and motifs design.and soft touch make it more graceful and elegant.



Silhouette: This Kurta offers a comfortable and relaxed silhouette to the wearer; the fabric and embroidery are skin-friendly. This hand-embroidered Kota cotton Kurta offers a comfortable and relaxed silhouette to the wearer; the fabric and embroidery are skin-friendly. Chikankari is an Art of Imagination, It is a handicraft process where the wooden blocks are hand chiselled in various design patterns, and the natural stew for printing is prepared, and printed on the cloth. The chikankari artisans then use ternary of the needlecraft embroidery, and perform the needlework artistically, elegantly combined with chikankari and the romance of fawn-colored thread in it. Chikan stitches used are Ulti Bakhiya, Ghaspatti, and KeelKangan highlighting the craftsmanship involved in making this piece. Adorn it with embroidered Palazzo or salwar to look completely distinct


Chikankari embroidery, a traditional art form, is encountering numerous obstacles, but one critical hurdle is the shortage of skilled artisans. Unfortunately, younger generations do not seem to have an interest in pursuing crafts like Chikankari embroidery, resulting in the depletion of skilled artisans. 

As a consequence, preserving this art form and ensuring its continuation for future generations has become increasingly challenging. To confront this challenge, several organizations and initiatives have emerged to foster Chikankari embroidery and provide training to young people in the craft. The main objective of these initiatives is to safeguard the tradition and guarantee the thriving of Chikankari embroidery art.

But Paramount Chikan is elevating the art of chikankari embroidery to new levels, departing from the traditional long kurta ensembles with white chikan work on plain, pastel fabrics such as muslin, chiffon, mul mul, and organza. Instead, they are venturing into printed poly silk fabric and exploring bolder colour palettes. With a continuous effort to modernize Indian fashion, they have created a stunning range of stylish short kurtas, long kurtis with chikankari embroidery, straight chikan kurtis, trendy kaftan dresses, and even anarkali-style chikankari kurtis.


Today, Chikankari embroidery has become a wardrobe essential for making a chic statement wherever one goes. Paramount Chikan is committed to making this exquisite fashion more accessible to people. They offer a vast array of ensembles that are not only suitable for festivals but also perfect for wearing to the office or even daily use. Visit their website now and browse their modern styles and designs featuring this beautiful tradition and exquisite embroidery to make your statement.

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