Adding Ethnicity To Your White Chikankari Kurti For Lohri

Adding Ethnicity To Your White Chikankari Kurti For Lohri

Lohri is a festival where all your loved ones - friends and family- get together around a bonfire, dance to the rhythm of the music, and eat popcorn. The festival is the season of harvesting celebrated around the country with a lot of spirit. To give your personality a festive touch, let's dress up in classy ethnic attire.

Do you know about Lucknowi chikankari kurti? It is a great option to add to your wardrobe collection of ethnic wear. An elegant yet sophisticated piece of clothing adds grace to your personality and prepares you for the occasion. Chikankari is a type of embroidery, an example of hard work and skilled craftsmanship.

If you choose a chikankari kurti to bring out the best in your personality for the festival, this blog is for you. Through this blog, you will find ways to style your kurta simply and elegantly with the right bottoms, upper, and dupatta to bring out the traditional you.

Here are some tips to style your white chikankari kurti -

1. Chikankari Long Kurti With a Denim Jacket -

Denim jackets have always had our heart, not only in modern wear but also in traditional ones. Have you ever tried adding a denim jacket to your ethnic wear? If not, this is your chance to go all gracious with your outfit. Try on a chikankari kurta in white or any other light shade according to your personality and preferences; add a light blue coloured jacket to your kurta with a matching pair of bottoms. The combination would work well for your Lohri celebrations. Add some simple accessories for a completely traditional look. Also, the denim jacket will keep you warm during the chilly winter night.

2. Chikankari Short Kurti With Denim Jeans -

A short kurti is a great way to add to the traditionalism of a person and bring out the best in them on a festive occasion. A short kurti is a stylish option for those who prefer something more casual and contemporary for the day. For example, you own a white chikankari kurti and are looking for a way to look perfect in your white shade. To do so, try pairing your chikankari kurti with a pair of denim bottoms. This combination will be a great way to fuse tradition and modernity, creating a fashion statement at this Lohri gathering event.

3. Chikankari Kurti With a Designer Dupatta -

Once you are done deciding the right bottoms for your kurti, the next step is to add a dupatta. Have you ever seen a kurta complete without the touch of a dupatta? Depending on your choice and preference, a dupatta can be simple, heavily embellished, designer, or anything else. Also, keep in mind your chikankari kurti's design to ensure you find the right type of dupatta for your kurti. Chikankari takes a lot of hard work, so why not add something designer and heavy to your kurti? Try pairing your kurti with a designer dupatta, aligning with the grace of your entire attire.

4. Chikankari Kurta and Palazzo -

Do we ever remember the beauty of a palazzo? A palazzo has wide legs and provides the utmost comfort to you on a long day. To add aesthetics to your authentic chikankari kurti, pair it with a palazzo. A palazzo would give out the perfect vibe, adding nothing less than elegance to your outfit. The complete combination will add comfort to your attire and make you look charming and perfect for the day of Lohri. Add some bangles to your ethnic attire, along with a pair of earrings and a statement necklace.

5. Pair The Kurta With a Sharara -

A sharara is a gracious and all-time favourite bottom wear because of the comfort and style it adds to your ethnic outfit. Any kurti paired with a sharara will only look beautiful and comfortable. A combination that will make you stand out from the crowd at the Lohri gathering. Something to add a touch of royalty to your outfit. Adding colourful bangles to your ethnic outfit would make you look more classic, giving a delicate touch to your outfit.

6. Coordinated Kurta and Pant Set -

A chikankari kurti for women has many types of bottoms to match, but what makes your outfit stand out from everyone? A pair of co-ordinated pants, something that is different from what we usually wear and a way to add smoothness to your ethnic wear. This outfit requires no extra effort; the kurta and pants are enough to do the work. Make a statement with coloured bottoms and a designer dupatta with minimalistic accessories to do the job for you.

7. Go White!

Have you ever seen someone fail wearing white? White is a shade of pure innocence and simplicity, bringing out something pure in your attire. Try a white chikankari kurti with a pair of white bottoms in your choice and a white dupatta with a chikankari design. A great way to add aesthetics to your outfit, making a more robust and polished statement to your Lohri outfit. Add silver jewellery to make your outfit look complete.


Adding ethnicity to your white chikankari kurti for Lohri can elevate your festive look and celebrate the spirit of the occasion. By incorporating traditional elements such as ethnic embroidery, vibrant colours, and beautiful designs, you can embrace the cultural significance of Lohri while showcasing your style. Whether through accessorising with statement jewellery or pairing the kurti with traditional bottoms, incorporating elements of ethnicity can add a unique and meaningful touch to your Lohri ensemble. Find something that completely aligns with your personality in terms of style, design and shade of your ethnic wear with Paramount Chikan's collection of clothes.

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